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Scotty Gardipee

Scotty Gardipee might be retired, but he hasn’t lost his love for visiting, storytelling, and just living life. From the time he was a young boy in Evaro riding the horses his family kept, to his first experience working on the railroad with his uncle, Scotty learned he was happiest when he was moving. He traveled all over the Western United States as a brakeman and conductor for Union Pacific, Milwaukee Railroad, and Montana Rail link, but it wasn’t always just work.

Scotty and his wife hauled their food truck, Rosie’s Indian Tacos, to rodeos and powwows from Canada to Mexico. He made friends with members of tribes all over the US, especially when he was helping run the Indian National Finals Rodeo. And he raced stock cars whenever he got the chance. After he retired from the railroad, he got behind the wheel of a stock car and raced for another decade before he retired from that, too. To Scotty, being on the go is a source of joy. But no matter where he roamed or what sights he saw, Evaro has always been home. He’s lived in the same house for the last thirty years, and these days, he rides his green four-wheeler and sings karaoke when he gets a chance. And he tells stories—about his own life and about life from the generations before when his grandparents spoke the traditional language. He has a network of friends who keep him updated, and he’s always ready to share the news. Scotty isn’t sure exactly how or when he became an elder, but he’s looking forward to more years of entertaining the new generations with all the stories he knows.


Scotty’s Radio Spot

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