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Myrna Dumontier

Myrna Dumontier grew up surrounded by elders who shared the memories and traditions of her tribe. All through her childhood and into her high school years in Arlee, she spent time camping and enjoying life outside with her grandmothers and other elders who gave her stories and skills. From learning how to prepare dried meat to gathering medicines, she practiced what they shared.

She internalized the respectful, inclusive, healing force that came with those traditions and brought that into her work as a medical aid, a firefighter, a fire lookout, and an addictions counselor. Now, Myrna is a memory keeper who is doing her part to keep her culture alive. She has organized camps for kids to experience traditional living, and she fosters cultural sharing at powwows. She visits the elders of the tribe to continue to learn the old ways, and she stores that knowledge for future generations. Community is the cornerstone of Myrna’s life, and she knows that if everyone does their part, the tribe will get through challenges together.


Myrna’s Radio Spot

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